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Hello, I AM Amanda Joy

I have lived through the dark despair of guilt, shame, judgement and deep trauma. I have experienced the effects of creating walls of protection around my pain and have also felt the slow crumbling of the walls as the intensity of the stored emotions became too much and the walls began to crash down.
Through my own intensive healing journey I realized that we must learn to sit with the pain to create space for joy just as the light can only be seen after we rest in the darkness. I believe in the power of feeling and I trust through this process we are gifted profound healing.

When we silence the mind, the body speaks

Tragedy, trauma, life-shattering circumstances. They happen. Yes, despite what The Secret may have taught you, even to good people. How you react, how you move forward and how you shift the emotions will determine the rest of your life.

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You have a choice to honor these emotions or to be taken hostage by the dense feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and ultimately panic attacks.

Have you felt the suffocation of the tight grasp of fear? Afraid that if you were to truly sink into the depth of emotions you may collapse into a puddle of despair? Perhaps it’s been so long that it feels safe and you’ve chosen to stay comfortable in this space of survival.

I’m here to reassure you this is not meant to be your forever. You deserve to live a full, vibrant, joyful life.

You are born with the birthright of Joy.  A soul connection that is lost to the veils of protection and blinders created throughout your lifetime. By finding the pause, settling into the breath, releasing the veils you offer your mind, body and soul the opportunity to reconnect to the core of your existence.

You no longer need to be fearful of the dark for there is light waiting to greet you.

Learning to trust the body’s ability to enter the healing transformation is a frightening one. I know because I have lived it. I carried the burden of personal judgement, shame, blame and guilt. I adapted to a new way of life while safely carrying this heavy protective armor around my heart. I was moving forward and sharing my light with the world while packing this heavy burden.

This was my truth however I wasn’t being fully honest. It was during my own personal soul exploration that I was cracked open through the beautiful guidance of the breath and I was gifted the reminder that we are never on this journey alone. In a safe place I was brought to the deep seeded trauma and introduced to the pain I had chosen to tuck deep inside.

It was my first realization that I had not fully released but instead I had held tight. I was brought to a place of truly allowing the full expression of my sorrow the attention it demanded and deserved. As I softened my grip on the shield of protection I had so carefully created around my heart I began to experience the release of pressure, darkness and weight I didn’t even realize I was carrying.

Beyond the layers of pain I had held so desperately to I was being cracked open and re-introduced to the great expanse of joy that was buried within

A glimpse of hope, a deep sigh of relief, a reunion with love. I was guided home.

In times of the darkest despair, the deepest traumas, we are gifted the greatest opportunity for growth if we allow ourselves to heal and resolve the energy trapped within.

For it is within the most difficult moments that we are given the greatest gifts.

My Offerings
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1:1 Breathwork Ceremony

Breathwork infused with Somatic Awareness

Breathwork is a powerful, active meditation technique for self-healing. This particular breathing pattern moves stuck energy, allows us to let go of the mind, and opens the heart. This is a powerful tool for detoxing, processing unresolved pain and healing trauma.  It also aids in accessing a deeper state of consciousness to assist in creating our own reality and answering questions we've been seeking answers to.  Somatic awareness is offered during the session as a support tool to maintain a connection to your body and enable the nervous system to attain balance and harmony.  The practice is then sealed with music and meditative guidance to support integration.  Clients leave sessions feeling lighter, clearer, and more connected to their heart and soul.

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1:1 Somatic Trauma Recovery

Embodied Practices to Connect to the Body

The body speaks when the mind is silenced. This is attained by utilizing practices that access the innate wisdom of the body. As we now understand that trauma lives in the body and not the mind as once believed. By creating a safe environment and exploring body-based techniques the client is able to free the body from trapped emotions without ever having to revisit the actual event. Therefore nurturing the nervous system without inducing a disruption or setback. Breathwork, TRE, body scan, embodied movement, stillness, meditation are some of the tools used in these sessions. The clients leave sessions feeling more connected to their bodies with a greater sense of awareness of sensations and the language of the body.

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Souls Unbound 2.0


All-Inclusive Heli-Hike Mountain Retreat

The Lodge at Panther River

$2777 Early Bird

$3333 after Dec 31

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Souls Unbound Luxury Yacht Retreat

Sail the beautiful British Virgin Islands!!

Feb 15-22, 2025

$5999USD Early Bird

                                  $6499USD After July 1, 2024


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“Amanda is the real deal. She has the ability to hold a space that is both safe and open. She not only listens, she understands and cares. Whether your work with her is a grounding yoga practice, or a transformational reiki session, or a profound experience with breathwork, Amanda will guide you through it with ease, grace and love. Working with Amanda is a gift to yourself. ”

Amanda’s Journey Within course was everything I didn’t know I needed and more. It was an eye and heart opening experience that left me with balance, warmth and a newfound sisterhood. J.N.

These past eight weeks have been so amazing and I am so very grateful for all the sharing and tools. We all have our own journeys but having that safe space to share is so beneficial. We are not alone and taking one step at a time is not so overwhelming. Relaxation and meditation were huge to me. I look forward to the future. Thanks so much.

A fantastic workshop, a real growth and solidification of growth and opportunity.

Amanda brings energy and a love to her classes that made me feel included, loved and heard. She holds space for anyone. She absolutely provides a place to share and be heard. I never felt judged with her class and the want to judge others fell away. I was able to practice the lessons each week in the real world. It made me become more awake and aware of myself and the world around me. Amanda you are a gift and an angel.

Amanda created a beautifully safe space for all of us to journey together through our energy centers and release that which was no longer serving us. I have healed my heart in so many ways through this work. The breathwork allowed for me to get free from the stuck space I had been living my life from and reconnect to the me I knew and missed. I feel so supported in her groups, it is a true sisterhood.

A Journey Within! I have learned to let go! The past 8 weeks has been an amazing journey of my mind, heart and soul. With your guidance: I feel that my heart is full of love for myself, my voice, it’s time to be heard and all of my chakras are cleansed and shining bright. I am ready to enjoy love, share and dream with the beauty of my heart and mind. You are amazing. Thank you – I am so full of gratitude for you, your passion and your guidance!

The Journey Within has helped me feel more connected and motivated to open up and explore my vulnerability. Amanda has a warm calming presence and created a space where our group felt safe and heard. Every class has been different and offered new tools like breathwork and meditation. Going into class I wasn’t sure what each class would bring but it was just what I needed every week and I’m excited to continue to journey.

This journey has been amazing. The part of just being in a room of people who are all like-minded feel freeing. Having a journey to work through has been so powerful. Just focusing on one part of your life a week when normally I don’t have time to work on myself has been a treat. I cannot thank you enough for this experience.

I learned I am OK and not weird with my own gifts. That I want to make a difference in the world but didn’t know where to go. I have an idea now and am not afraid. My body alignments were out and I need to continually keep them in.  I pick up energies and am not weird, how I can’t be around certain people. Keep on your Journey, you are making a difference in other peoples lives.

I have always known their is more to us then what we see. You have helped me see and feel life and the greatness is our life and others. Your insight and energy are a magnet to me and you help me feel normal and I feel more like me. Thank you!